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Today, every company is afraid of information fraud by email. This is a huge threat, especially when sending invoices for payment.

We recommend our solutions in particular for:
utilities providers (water, gas, energy etc.), banks & financial institutions, telco / Internet Service Provider, property managers and housing associations, SaaS providers, local or central administration any other organizations which send a lot of documents.

How it works

Enterprise - API - Client app

Integration with billing/ERP system (API/command line),
Encryption by Cypherdog Engine,
Sending to agent installed on desktop,
Decryption on receivers endpoint by receiver.

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What it will be send:

Bank statements,
Statement of operations on credit cards,
Balance of investment accounts,
Contract updates,
Results of medical diagnostic tests,
Medical cards,
and others confidential documents.

This solution is:

The most secure solution,
No third party access,
No third party using,
Asymetric end-to-end encryption,
Fully automatized,
Independent on e-mail or any other transfer solution,
Independent on any certifications centre,
White-label or Cypherdog brand,
Agent can receive from dedicated one or many senders.

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